The Equality of Education Initiative
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Our Mission

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JumpAgrade was founded on the mission to make personalised feedback accessible to all students, regardless of ability, location or family background.

The Problem

There is a growing grinds culture in Ireland.
Studies show that half of all 17/18 year olds studying for the Leaving Cert get grinds but students from higher income families are far likelier to supplement their education (almost 2 out of every 3 students) than those in the lower income groups (1 in 3 students). At jumpAgrade, it is our focus to level the playing field and reduce the education inequality gap.

Hear us speaking with Della Kilroy about this on RTE Radio 1 back in September

What we're doing

We work with organisations such as Youth Work Ireland and companies who want support the local community to help make sure students from less fortunate backgrounds can access support through the tutors that work with us.