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What is jumpAgrade?
JumpAgrade is an online service trusted by thousands of second-level students and their parents across Ireland when preparing for exams. It is the modern alternative to grinds.
How do jumpAgrade’s online grinds work?
A student completes a Needs Analysis and is assigned to their own personal tutor each week. The weekly cycle includes a personalised worksheet every Wednesday, submit written work by taking photos and uploading them by Sunday, and then receive video feedback from your tutor ahead of your next worksheet.
What are the benefits of jumpAgrade?
Top teachers - Personal support from your own teacher each week
One-to-one support - Don’t go to school twice, get tailored help each week
Video feedback - Engaging video feedback created by your tutor for you every week
No travel - Work from home, afterschool study or wherever it suits you
Free up time - Work when it suits - fit jumpAgrade into your own schedule
All subjects - We work with the top teachers across the country in all subjects
All levels - the personal support means all students benefit, from those aiming for top grades to those really struggling with a particular subject
Who is jumpAgrade for?
JumpAgrade is for any student at second-level that wants to improve their grades and build confidence in their exam subjects. We work with students in 6th year, 5th year and 4th year preparing for the Leaving Cert, as well as 3rd year, 2nd year and 1st year students preparing for the Junior Cert.
What Leaving Cert Subjects does jumpAgrade support?
Maths (Higher, Ordinary & Foundation Level)
Chemistry (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Physics (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Biology (Higher & Ordinary Level)
English (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Gaeilge/Irish (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Physical Education
French (Higher & Ordinary Level)
German (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Spanish (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Italian (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Engineering (Higher & Ordinary Level)
History (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Geography (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Art (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Applied Maths (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Religion (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Home Economics (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Construction Studies (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Business (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Accounting (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Economics (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Music (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Agricultural Science (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Computer Science
What Junior Cert Subjects does jumpAgrade support?
Maths (Higher, Ordinary & Foundation Level)
Science (Common Level)
English (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Irish (Higher & Ordinary Level)
French (Higher & Ordinary Level)
German (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Spanish (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Italian (Higher & Ordinary Level)
History (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Geography (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Business Studies (Common Level)
Music (Higher & Ordinary Level)
Home Economics (Higher & Ordinary Level)
What results have students seen from using jumpAgrade?
In a recent project ran with 8 schools in Dublin in conjunction with DCU, the average grade improvement per student was 11.5% in just 12 weeks. Of those students, 85% reported an increase in confidence in their chosen subjects.
You can see what students and parents have said about jumpAgrade on our testimonials page :)
Who are the tutors?
Our tutors are fully qualified teachers with examiner experience correcting the state exams. You can meet Nicola and Danielle here.
Does the student have direct contact with their teacher?
With each submission, the student is asked how long they spent on the work, what they found easy, what they found hard, how confident they were with their answers and what they are covering in class?
A student can leave a note after they submit their work online each week
They can contact the jumpAgrade team if they have any specific query they would like to pass on their tutor
If a student is in the middle of a worksheet and they get stuck on a part, what should they do?
Contact the jumpAgrade team via email on and we will get in touch with your tutor straight away :)
How are my worksheets sent to me?
Worksheets are made available on the students' jumpAgrade account at each Wednesday at 6pm. It is available as a PDF.
How can I upload my answers/work?
When logged into, a student can submit their work by adding photos of their written work. You will be guided through this from within your account.
What do I do if my needs analysis changes or I feel I need to focus on different things since filling out that form?
If you feel you want to cover a new topic or focus on an area you need more help on, simply add a note at the end of your submission to ask your tutor to move onto that topic
Is there any option to change tutor once I have started a term with them?
We aim for all students to retain the same tutor for the entire school year in order for the teacher to get a better understanding of where to focus their efforts to help you improve the most. If for any particular reason you feel unhappy with your tutor, contact the jumpAgrade team explaing the reasons and we will address it immediately.
How much does jumpAgrade cost?
jumpAgrade starts at €25 per week, with annual, monthly and weekly pricing available. For more information on pricing, visit the pricing page.
If I am signing up to more than one subject per week with jumpAgrade are there any discounts available?
Yes, there is a 20% discount on any additional subject that a student takes on
If I have more than one son or daughter signing up for jumpAgrade, is there a family discount?
Yes, there is a 20% discount on any additional student within the family that is using jumpAgrade
What happens if I do not submit my work?
For missed submissions without any prior notification, we will donate the unused week with the teacher to a student from a less fortunate background where grinds are not available to them otherwise. You can read more about our Equality of Education initiative here.
Have more questions?
Feel free to get in touch! :) You can send a message to us via the online chat on the website or email
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