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Start by signing up and completing your Needs Analysis. Our hand-picked tutors will then prescribe questions through the jumpAgrade platform each week that are specific to the areas you need help with. You simply upload photos of your work and you will receive personalised feedback within 48 hours.


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Research shows that feedback is essential for students to learn. In a combined study of over 800 educational studies, the researchers found that feedback is one of the most effective ways to improve a student's grades.


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Students get access to a dashboard where they can review all the work they submitted and the feedback that was received each week. You can get started today to see how we can help you get the results you deserve.

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Why students are using jumpAgrade


Personalised Feedback

The student receives personalised feedback that is specific to them and the areas they want to improve.


Top-Quality Tutors

We have done the work in sourcing the best tutors to provide high quality feedback to students.


Exam Focus

jumpAgrade is designed with the exams in mind. Our students are more confident and suffer less from exam anxiety.



The service is fully online, meaning no more rushing around or sitting in traffic. Work when and where it suits you.


My Son who is doing his junior cert this year has just completed his trial which he found most helpful. We have now signed him up for the next month as he has very little spare time due to school and sport commitments.
This is the perfect solution for him to pick up on areas he is finding difficult without adding precious hours for travel to traditional grinds (saves us too! :)
Also, found the team at jumpAgrade extremely pro-active and interested.

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We understand that some months are busier than others so our Fair Billing Policy automatically pauses your billing if we see 2 consecutive weeks of inactivity on your account.

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