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Driven By Purpose

A Note From The JumpAgrade Team

Having finished our third academic year at jumpAgrade, we get huge satisfaction from looking back on the progress students have made with us over the past school year.

When we started jumpAgrade, we knew there was a better way for students to get help preparing for exams than ‘grinds’. But we quickly realised this was just the tip of the iceberg; that the inequity that’s caused by grinds was a problem too big to ignore.

With 50% of all Leaving Cert students getting grinds & the majority of those coming from more affluent backgrounds, the gap is only widening. The knock-on effect can be seen in progression rates to third-level; 90-100% of students from Dublin 2, 4 & 7 progress to college, whereas the progression rate in Dublin 17 is just 15%.

Our teachers love to see all students, regardless of ability, location or family background, get the chance to improve by

working with them on a 1-to-1 level through jumpAgrade. When amazing people driven by an ambitious social purpose come together and are aligned to having a lasting impact, incredible things can happen.

In recognition of this impact, jumpAgrade were announced as Social Entrepreneur Ireland Award winners for 2019. It is amazing to see the social impact recognised at a national, and this has helped drive the next stage of our growth to continually improve the quality of service students receive and to scale our impact to more students so that every young person can fulfil their potential.

Dave & Padraic

jumpAgrade Co-Founders

Of 17/18-year-olds in their Leaving Cert year, 49% are getting grinds!

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❓ FAQs

Some frequently asked questions

Who is jumpAgrade for?

JumpAgrade services are here to facilitate companies, university access programmes, local development companies and funders in reaching for their social impact and corporate social responsibility goals. We’ve been at the forefront of online education for a long time now, so we know exactly how that impact stack ups. We track students' confidence, as well as their grades, right the way through their journey with jumpAgrade. The impacts have never been deeper, easier to track, or as rewarding to see! Why don’t you check out our 2020/2021 report and see for yourself? On a student level, we predominantly work with students preparing for their Leaving Certificate exams, however we also offer some support for students sitting their Junior Certificate exams.

What is the Schedule?

Each week students will have access to the latest masterclass on the topic outlined in their curriculum plan. After watching it they’ll complete their assignment, submit it and wait for personalised feedback to arrive! Every week, teacher office hours will run to answer any questions they have, so they’ll always be able to get the help they need from their teacher. For assignments, students will receive them every Wednesday by 6pm. They are due to be completed by Sunday at 6pm. Our teachers will provide personalised video feedback within 3 days. It's that simple!

What is jumpAgrade?

JumpAgrade is an online service trusted by 50+ companies, university access programmes, local development companies and funders to support thousands of second-level students across Ireland when preparing for exams. We’re aiming to level the playing field in Irish education with open, inclusive and intersectional access.

How do jumpAgrade’s online grinds work?

Upon signing up, a student completes a needs analysis survey. This is a short, detailed questionnaire which allows us to match a student to the teacher that suits them best. Once they are assigned to a teacher and a classroom, students will receive their schedule of online classes, teacher office hours and assignments. The assignments are tailored to their distinct level and they will receive personalised video feedback from their teacher. The classes are available on-demand to watch any time that suits. They will also have the chance every week to directly ask their teacher any question they have during the office hour.

What results have students seen from using jumpAgrade?

There was an average grade improvement of 14.6% in the 2019/2020 academic year. This is based on over 200 of our students across all years, subjects, and levels in 77 different schools around Ireland. 85% of the students surveyed reported an increase in their confidence in their chosen subjects, also. You can read some of these student success stories, as well as what their parents had to say, on our testimonials page!