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Parent of Leaving Cert Spanish Student, Loreto Abbey Dalkey

My daughter was delighted with her Leaving Cert results. She got a H2. Thank you jumpAgrade


  • Initial Grade: H3
  • Final Grade: H2

6th year Student at Ballinamore Community school

Thanks jumpAgrade for all of your help last year you helped bring my marks up by 2 grades I will recommend you to my friends doing the leaving cert next year. I went from a H8 to a H6. I struggled a lot with the subject but the grinds helped patch blurry areas of the course which I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t covered them with jumpAgrade.


  • Initial Grade: H8
  • Final Grade: H6

5th Year Student at Crescent Comprehensive, Limerick

The work and help I received in English and Irish from jumpAgrade really helped in my opinion and can be seen in my summer results as I got 75% (H3) in English and 89% (H2) in Irish. I went up a grade in English and I got a higher mark in my Irish which I was delighted with.

English and Irish

  • Initial Grade: H3
  • Final Grade: H2

Parent of Leaving Cert Student, St. Mary's Secondary School Newport

My daughter, who completed her leaving cert June 2018, just received her results and she actually did jump a grade in German after using the services of jumpAGrade so we are delighted we signed up. She found the tutor most helpful and received valuable feedback each week after completing her assignments. The service is most convenient and the staff extremely helpful. Thank You jumpAgrade.


  • Initial Grade: H4
  • Final Grade: H2

jumpAgrade Testimonials

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Parent of Junior Cert student at Blackrock College, Dublin

My Son who is doing his junior cert this year has just completed his trial which he found most helpful. We have now signed him up for the next month as he has very little spare time due to school and sport commitments. This is the perfect solution for him to pick up on areas he is finding difficult without adding precious hours for travel to traditional grinds (saves us too! :). Also found the team at jumpAgrade extremely proactive and interested

5th Year Student at Villiers School, Limerick

It's really good doing the work at home in my own time. I didn't want to go to a center. The feedback's really helpful too

Leaving Cert History Student, Co. Galway

The method was something I’d never tried before and I found I retained so much of the information through your methods! Easier too with less time spent drilling notes! Thanks a million :)

Parent of Junior Cert student in Crescent Comprehensive, Limerick

My son is doing his Junior Certificate and needed some help with his English. The tutors through jumpAgrade graduated his worksheets to build up his confidence first and then focus on exam standard questions. He finds the tutor’s feedback an excellent tool as it identifies the work he has done well in the assignment as well as guiding him on where he should improve. jumpAgrade is giving him the confidence to trust his knowledge and take on the subject.

Leaving Cert French Student, Co. Clare

Thank you very much I have found this very helpful and I think it’s a great way of teaching.

Parent of student St. Mary's Secondary School Newport, Tipperary

no more driving and sitting outside grinds schools

Parent of Student in Laurel Hill, Limerick

This new method takes a lot of the stress out of grinds, cutting down on travel is great. The feedback is excellent and the entire process is tailored and seamless

Parent of Junior Cert student in Crescent Comprehensive, Limerick

I feel more confident in answering exam questions after completing the questions!!

Parent of 2nd Year Student, Kilkenny College

I first learned of JumpAgrade when I read a profile of the new business in The Irish Times. The option of personalized worksheets in a time-frame that would allow flexibility seemed very appealing. From our first contact the team at JumpAgrade have been very professional, approachable, accommodating and genuinely interested in helping to improve my daughter's grades. The tutors have been excellent - challenging her, but being really positive, encouraging and incisive in the feedback each week. Any requests have been responded to in a very timely fashion and communication channels are always open. My daughter's confidence in her chosen subjects has definitely improved and her grades are testament to this. I would unhesitatingly recommend JumpAgrade and regard it as a very fortuitous find!